How To Register (Upgrade) Your Account On blog9ja Income Program

After writing a complete review on blog9ja income program. I have now decided  to write a post on how to join the program.

NOTE : This is a step by step tutorial on how to how to Register on blog9ja income program without having to stress much .
All you have to do is make sure you have your upgrading fee ready for complete registration on the income program.


1. Click on the link blog9ja registration,  after doing that, the link will take you to a page requiring you to input your account details such as name , email, password. Make sure to fill in the details correctly.

2. After filling in your details click on sign up.

3. Your account is ready . You can now start earning from the program.

NOTE: You have just created a demo account on the platform.
A demo account comes with limited opportunities in earning from the program.
You will have to upgrade your account to access full earning opportunity.


To upgrade your account you have to make a deposit of #1400 to the blog9ja official account which will be shown to you once you have log in your demo account.

You can also upgrade your account by buying epin from those recommended by blog9ja.
Once you get the pin 

1. Log in your account.

2. Scroll down till you get to a portal asking you to apply coupon code. Make sure to fill it correctly and click on apply pin code.

3. Start earning. That's all.

NOTE: Every money earned on the demo account will not be credit once you upgrade your account. This is why you should upgrade your account fast. 

Now you have known how to register or upgrade your account on blog9ja income program, make sure you follow the steps correctly,and start earning like others are doing.
Also share this article  if you find it helpful 

How To Register (Upgrade) Your Account On blog9ja Income Program How To Register (Upgrade) Your Account On blog9ja Income Program Reviewed by Jikola ken on August 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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