With the technological advancements going on around the world, you can't but wonder how it is enhancing man's standard of living . With the introduction of android phone , we are been exposed to so much opportunities and abilities. You can now turn your android into a functional PC. Interesting, huh, You can use your ANDROID PHONE to perform different functions like using it as a webcam or as remote control. 
But have you ever thought about the prospect of using your android phone as a FULL COMPUTER by connecting TV/MONITOR or KEYBOARD.

You can do this easily. As we know, there are lots of apps available in Google Play store that make things easier to perform basic tasks.
There is an app which is known as Andromium OS which can transform your ANDROID into a full FUNCTIONAL COMPUTER. Let’s know how to use Andromium OS on Android devices.Follow the steps below :

1)Download and Install Andromium OS (Senito)  HERE on your Android smartphone and launch the app.
Sentio Desktop (Lollipop, Marshmallow)

2)At the Startup, it will ask you to grant few permissions, make sure you grant all the needed permissions by tapping on the “Ok” button.

3)Upon the notification access, make sure to give Androimium OS access to the Notification.
The final step is to pull down the notification shutter and then tap on the “Andromium OS Beta”. You will see a full functional computer screen.
You can attach your Android device to Monitor/TV and keyboard/mouse to enjoy the fully functional computer.

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