• Do you own a blog or website with a substantial traffic or you about creating a blog ? 
  • Are you seeking for way in which you can monetise your blog? 
    If yes, then you have to read this    article .Bloggers are making it today with various monetising strategies which they implement on their blogs. There is no limit to how much you can earn  by monetising your blog, as much as you are getting a substantial traffic. Here, I will be sharing different ways in which you can monetise your blog.
You can monetise your blog by placing ads or links for affiliate companies on your blog. After which a certain commission will be given to you, if any purchase is been made through your affiliate link or ads. In fact you don't, t even have to own a blog or website to do this. You can publicise the ads or link on your social media accounts. We have so many affiliate companies like Julia, konga affiliate, Amazon and so on. 
 Another way is helping the ads company by placing ads ranging from text ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, and so on. Again, you would have to be getting a substantial traffic to be able to earn big from this. You can run ads in form of Cpc,cpm and cdm ads. 

Do you have a physical product you want to sell, you can sell them on your blog or website. You have to create a blog to do this. You can also write e-books and sell them on your blog. You can read articles on how to create an e-book on the web. 

Are you the blogger who knows a lot about setting up a blog. People can hire you to do that for them. There are people out there who hire writers to post on the their blogs, if you know you can write very well you can publicise your skull and get hired. You can render services like helping people to run their blogs and get paid for that. There are so many things you can do when it comes to rendering services. You can also hire me to set up a blog for you

Adsense is unarguably the best ads company you can monetise your blog with.You can earn big as far as your traffic continues to grow. Google Adsense will monitor your traffic and other credentials before approving you when you sign up for Adsense. Google Adsense run on very strict terms and conditions which you must acknowledge before signing up. You can click the link Adsense to get started.