Blogging has grown to be one of the fastest way of passing information.    

Yet  so many don,t understand what a blog is, when it is mentioned  to them.
In this computer age,  blogging has stamped itself as one of the fastest way of sharing information as we can use it in doing lots of things ranging from international marketing, sharing what you are passionate about, sharing your knowledge in a field that you know cry well and even making money.

A blog is a collection of a egg ticked or information which people can gain access to through the internet. This blog is your office in the internet where you can share articles with  pictorial representation on a field of expertise. You can also use a blog to share your life experiences on a subject matter. A blog serve as a connection between the user and owner, creating an environment for interaction between them.Creating a blog is very easy. You can create it on WordPress or blogger platform. But creating it with the blogger platform is the best if you are just starting out. You can do that by entering the site WWW.BLOGGER.COM .You would need an email account inorder to  create it. Once you fill in your email, a page will appear where you will be required to fill in your details such as your blog name, address(which is the address your users will type in their web browser to access your blog). Once you are done click on the create blog and your dashboard will appear which is where you control everything in your blog. Once you are done you can start posting to your blog. So that's everything about creating a blog. Create one today.