We humans exhibit so many characteristics that makes us different from the other. 
Have you ever asked yourself why do I behave the way I do ?
Why is it that I can, t behave like the other person? 
We have at one occasion or the other wished to be like somebody we admire a lotbecause of the trait that he/she possesses. However, we have certain traits that we can, t control, and it is part of us, you try to Control this trait but you keep finding yourself doing it. Many people today are who they are because they can,t control certain traits in them. Here arecthree categories of people whom have been classified based on the trait they possess. 

THE EXTROVERT: This set of people inhibit characters like smiles, laughter, and are always playful without considering their environment. They are not quick to getting angry,they absorb insult. But sometimes are gullible and reciprocate joy with tears. 

THE INTROVERT: These set of people rarely display traits like smiling,laughter,excitement and so on. They are quick to temper and are very sensitive to insult. Although, they most times rarely display it. They prefer their company much than others, they are very much reserved. Introverts don't laugh carelessly and are not easily exhilarated,but are very smart and intelligent. 

THE AMBIVATS : within the two formal traits ambivats are central and maintain a balance between the introvert and extrovert. They are a combination of intro and extra character traits. Ambivats reckon the effective memory skill. Ambivats are not too quick to temper, nor too quick to be exhilarated OK r excited but are highly moderated in displaying character. 
Therefore to identify the trait you belong to, you will have to demonstrate character wisely and identify your character trait.