Are you thinking about blogging someday? 
Are you thinking about what pre-requisite you would need to set up a blog.Here are some ideas.Setting up a blog is one of the down to earth easiest thing to do with platforms like WordPress and blogger helping you do the job. But however there are things in which you must consider before setting up a blog especially if you are Nigerian. 

1.PASSION FOR WRITING : As a blogger you would want to give your audience the best and also get them coming back for more. You would, t want your audience to get bored so you get to update your post more often. The aid for all this would be the passion you have for blogging. As a blogger you will have some challenges but what will get you going is your passion for it. So passion when it comes to blogging should,t be underestimated.What is the reason we have so many copy and paste bloggers in Nigeria today, who keep giving you the same thing, it's because they have run out of content.

2.  A MOBILE DEVICE : As a blogger you would need at least a mobile phone to blog with. Of course you need to post more often.But blogging with a PC is better as blogging with a mobile comes it's own restrictions.

3.  A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HTML AND CSS : If you are blogging to earn which is the case for most bloggers, you would have to gain little knowledge about HTML and CSS. if your blog should develop a fault, you would, t want to run to the tech guys all the time, so you get to fix it yourself. 

4.    CONSISTENCY:  You would have to be consistent, if you want to be a successful blogger. Running a blog is not just as easy as creating it. You would need to be patient and consistent. You can also do a research to learn more about blogging,so you would avoid mistakes which newbie bloggers make. 

5.     BE UNIQUE : you should be unique when posting to your blog. There should be that thing that makes you stand out from others. Don't try to copy from other bloggers. You should also try different innovations and ideas that will improve your blog. Any idea that does not favour you, ditch it, and go for the better.